St. Louis Locations for the Murray Family

For the 2011 Murray Family Reunion, I created two maps showing locations where the Murrays lived and one map showing places that were significant in their lives. Much of the data came from St. Louis City Directories between 1891 and 1923. Often, the occupations and workplaces of individuals were listed. Some additional data are from US censuses, death certificates, and WWI draft registration forms.

List of Murray Family Addresses

Click on a name at the bottom of a map to see just the locations for that person or place. Click on the colored markers for information related to a person and location, such as the dates they lived there and what their occupation was at the time.

Hint: If you select a person and only see one or two markers, make the map larger to see additional markers.

Note: Sometimes the mapping software is a bit off, particularly if an address no longer exists. I’ve noticed a few locations seem unlikely.

Map 1
Hugh & Mary Murray and Sons (1860-1965):
William, Hugh A., Edward, Andrew, and Paul 

Map 2
Murray Daughters (1893-1960):
Kate, Annie, and Nora

Map 3
Significant Places

Three places often recur in the lives of the Murray family: St. Thomas of Aquin Church, the St. Louis Coffin Company, and the Gebken-Benz Funeral Home. Murray Brothers was a family-run grocery store in business from about 1904-1912. Both Edward and Paul worked there.

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