My Murray Ancestors

Hugh Murray (1839-1916)

Hugh’s father was Michael Murray, a farmer, and his mother was Catherine (nee) Murray. They lived in County Down and had 10 children. Hugh and his twin brother, Daniel, were born about 18 December 1839 in Saintfield, County Down, Ireland.

County Down, Ireland

In 1857 Hugh left Ireland and came to Potosi, MO, where his sister Mary (Murray) Flynn was living. He married Mary Moloney on 10 September 1865 in St. Charles, Missouri. Hugh and Mary had nine children and remained in Potosi until about 1901, when they sold their property and moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where their children were living.

Mary Moloney (1844-1912)

Mary’s father was Michael Moloney, a shoemaker, and her mother was Ann Genaghty. Both Michael and Ann were born in Ireland. They emigrated prior to 1838, when their first child was born New Jersey. They subsequently lived in New York and Connecticut, before moving to Potosi, Missouri. Mary and one of her brothers were born in New York. Her remaining four siblings were born in Connecticut.

Children of Hugh and Mary

The following chart shows the nine children of Hugh Murray and Mary Moloney. It also includes their spouses. Edward Leo Murray (1879-1965) and Frances Diamond Hardie (1882-1940) are my paternal grandparents. When he died in 1965, Edward was the last of his siblings. The 1940’s must have been filled with loss for Edward. He lost his wife Frances in 1940, and both his sister Kate and brother Daniel in 1941. Then, immediately following WWII, he lost his brothers Hugh and Andrew.

Descendants of Hugh Murray & Mary Maloney