Marriage of Mary J Taylor & Daniel Hardie


When and where did Mary Jane Ryan and Daniel Hardie get married?


Mary Jane Ryan (1841-1926) married John O’Neil on June 5, 1859 in St. Louis, Missouri.[1] John O’Neil is presumed to have died between 1859 and 1866.[i] Mary Jane and John O’Neil had a son, Eugene John O’Neil, born March 4, 1860[2] in St. Louis. Eugene died on March 30, 1890[3].[ii]

Daniel Hardie (1838-1916) married his second wife, Elisabeth Ferguson on April 8, 1867 in Pollokshaws, Renfrew, Scotland[4]. They had three daughters: Janet, born September 6, 1867 in Pollokshaws[5]; Isabella, born September 4, 1869 in Pollokshaws[6]; and Elizabeth, born July 23, 1872 in Cincinnati, Ohio[7]. Elizabeth Ferguson died on March 17, 1874 in Cincinnati[8].

Mary Jane (Ryan) and Daniel Hardie had their first son, Daniel Eugene Hardie, in Cincinnati on October 17, 1878[9]. I guessed that Mary Jane and Daniel Hardie married between March 1874, when his wife died, and October 1878, when their son was born. Continue reading “Marriage of Mary J Taylor & Daniel Hardie”