It is believed that Laura Larsdatter was born in Eidsvoll (prior to 1918, the name was spelled “Eidsvold”) Parish, Akershus, Norway on 14 October, 1844. This fact is not supported by any known primary sources because all of the church records were destroyed by a fire in the Eidsvold  church rectory in 1877.

“Church records are crucial for Norwegian research. The Evangelical Lutheran Church became the state church (Statskirken) or national church (Den Norske Kirke, lit. The Norwegian Church), after the Reformation in 1536. As such, it is an arm of the national government. The church keeps the vital records for the government.” [1]

14 October, 1844 is the birth date reported when she married Anton Martin Syverson in Eidsvoll on 24 March 1877…

Eidsvoll, Akershus County, Norway Parish Register (Copy): 1877 – 1884, Marriage, Page 141, Entry Number 9

…and on her death record when she died in Rakkestad, Østfold, Norway on 1 April 1891.

Rakkestad, Østfold County, Norway Parish register: 1909 – 1922, Death and Burial, Page 247, Line Number 13


In  an email dated 22 September, 2009, Dag Terje Byman Andersen states that research performed by his mother in 2004 suggests that the mother of Laura Larsdatter was “Anne Margrethe Larsdatter”. He provided a link to the following post made by  Eva Anderson (translated using Google Translate from Norwegian – the original Norwegian is provided at the end of this post):

25768: Laura Larsdtr. F. 14.okt Eidsvoll Værk, Akershus
County: User Forum

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 15.11.2004 13:52 (1)

She married 1877 in Eidvoll with Anton Martin Syversen [born] in 1841 in Rakkestad, Østfold. Daughter Anne Helene was baptized in Eidvoll on 2 April 1877. Halvorsen’s Halvorsen is listed as Lauras father, but where did he come from and who was her mother?
Mvh eve

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 15.11.2004 13:54 (2)
Laura was born in 1844.

Trond Lunde, Oslo, 16.11.2004 20:23 (3)

Lauras father was Lars Abrahamsson from Abrahams at Eidsvoll Verk, b. 1798: Link and d. 10.11.1863: Link. He was married to Anne Margrete Larsdotter, born 1801, on 14.08.1858: Link.

They had the kids:

1. Abraham, b. 22.11.1824
2. Marte Margrete, born 1827
3. Halvor, b. 1831, d. 1907. User at Rødshaugen.
4. Olaus, b. 1832. To Bråten west gnr. 103 bnr. 6
5. Kristiane, b. 1835, d. 12.08.1897. unmarried
6. Katrine Marie, b. 1838
7. Henrikke, born 1842, d. 1921. Residing at Finnsbråtan, the Goldworks
8. Laura, f. 14.10.1844.

In service at Abrahams, Bråten 1865, 1877 Anton Martin Syversen from Rakkestad. Olaus, Katrine and Halvor were among the fathers [sponsors?] of Anne Helene’s [first daughter of Anton Martin Syverson and Laura Larsdatter] baptism 21.05.1877.

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 17.11.2004 21:15 (4)
Thank you very much to Trond Lunde, Oslo! Greetings Eva


Here is Anne Helene’s birth record:

Eidsvoll, Akershus County, Norway Parish Register (Official): 1877 – 1881, Births, Page 75, Entry Number 32


This is the original Norwegian version of the response to Eva Andersen:

25768: Laura Larsdtr. f. 14.okt Eidsvoll Værk, Akershus
Fylke: Brukarforumet

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 15.11.2004 13:52 (1)
Hun ble gift 1877 i Eidvoll m. Anton Martin Syversen f. 1841 i Rakkestad, Østfold. Datter Anne Helene ble døpt I Eidvoll 2.april 1877.Lars Halvorsen står oppført som Lauras far, men hvor kom han fra og hvem var hennes mor?
mvh Eva

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 15.11.2004 13:54 (2)
Laura var født 1844.

Trond Lunde, Oslo, 16.11.2004 20:23 (3)
Lauras far var Lars Abrahamsson fra Abrahams ved Eidsvoll Verk, f. 1798: Lenke og d. 10.11.1863: Lenke. Han var gift med Anne Margrete Larsdotter, f. 1801, d. 14.08.1858: Lenke.
De hadde barna:
1. Abraham, f. 22.11.1824
2. Marte Margrete, f. 1827
3. Halvor, f. 1831, d. 1907. Bruker på Rødshaugen.
4. Olaus, f. 1832. Til Bråten vestre gnr. 103 bnr. 6
5. Kristiane, f. 1835, d. 12.08.1897. Ugift
6. Katrine Marie, f. 1838
7. Henrikke, f. 1842, d. 1921. Bosatt på Finnsbråtan, Gullverket
8. Laura, f. 14.10.1844. I tjeneste på Abrahams, Bråten 1865, g. 1877 Anton Martin Syversen frå Rakkestad.
Olaus, Katrine og Halvor var blant fadderne ved Anne Helenes dåp 21.05.1877.

Eva Andersen, Holmestrand, 17.11.2004 21:15 (4)
Tusen takk til Trond Lunde, Oslo! hilsen Eva

[1]  “Norway Church Records”, Family Search website,




Who Were Laura Larsdatter’s Parents?
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