This branch of the family reportedly emigrated from Essleben and/or Arnstein, Germany. They were Catholic.



Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) married Georg Karl Zang (b. 1824) in Arnstrin, Germany on 3 August 1852. They had three children:

  • Philipp Josef Zang (b. 1854)
  • Margaret Zang (b. 1858)
  • Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863)

Georg Karl Zang died 14 October 1871 in Arnstein.

View genealogical information about Georg Karl Zang on my RootsWeb family tree.

Phillip married Anna Maria Hartmann (b. 1866) in Arnstein on 25 May 1896. They had one known child, Karl Josef Zang (b. 1898) and both died in Arnstein.

Un-sourced Zang/Schmitt Family Group Sheet provided by William Zarnstorff, who obtained it from his aunt Katherine (Kit) Rosa Amborn. It is not known who created or obtained it originally.


At some point Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) and daughters Margaret Zang (b. 1858)  and  Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) emigrated to Wisconsin and settled in Walworth county in Wisconsin. Exactly when that occurred is a bit of a mystery….

Margaret Zang (b. 1858) apparently arrived first: She would marry Simon Schulz (b. 1850) on 29 November 1883. No record of her emigration has yet been found.

  • Her 1900 census record states that she emigrated in 1868 and that she had been in the United States for 32 years.
  • Her 1910 census records states that she emigrated in 1875.
  • Her 1920 census just says ‘Na’.
  • She died 5 March 1930.

Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) married Henry Curran (b. 1838) on 9 November, 1890 in Walworth county, Wisconsin, and gave birth to James H Curran in December 1890, so it can be inferred that she was in the area as early as March, 1890.

  • Her entry in the 1900 census states that she emigrated in 1867 and that she had been in the United States for 33 years (at which time she would have been about 4 years old).
  • Her 1910 census form states that she emigrated in 1888.
  • Her 1920 census just says ‘Na’.
  • Her 1930 census says 1884.
  • The 1940 census does not indicate a year of emigration.

The first record discovered for Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) is her entry on the 1900 census, living with daughter Margaret Zang (b. 1858) and son in law Simon Schulz (b. 1850). That entry indicates that she emigrated in 1868 and that she had been in the United States for 32 years (the same dates were reported for her daughter).

She died 3 years later (18 June 1903). Her obituary (Lake Geneva Regional News, 29 Nov 1951, page 1) states that she emigrated in 1884.

No records prior to 1880 can be located for these three woman… The probable arrival date ranges are as follows:

  • Margaret Zang (b. 1858) – She probably arrived after the 1880 census (since she does not appear to have been enumerated)  and  before 1883 (when she got married).
  • Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) and Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) reportedly traveled together:
    • The 1867/1868 dates from the 1900 census do not seem credible: Phillip Zang would have been 14 years old at the time, and no US records have been found to support their presence in the country.
    • The 1884 date reported by Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) on the 1930 census agrees with what was reported in the obituary for Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) in 1903. Since it is not known who the informant for the was, it is conceivable that the obituary was the source of the information.
    • The 1888 date reported by Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) on the 1910 census is more likely.
    • The available information only supports a probable date range of 1884 – 1888.

Research Questions:

  • Can sources be located to support the information in the un-sourced Zang/Schmitt family tree shown at the top of this post?
  • When did Margaret Zang (b. 1858) leave Germany?
  • When did Rosina Josephi Schmitt (b. 1825) leave Germany?
  • When did Rozina Josephi Zang (b. 1863) leave Germany?


  • The Kirchenbuch, 1858-1929: Evangelisch Lutherische St. Johannis Gemeinde (Slades Corner, Wisconsin) Contains history, members, baptisms, communicants 1867-1924, confirmations 1867-1929, meeting reports 1867-1899, marriages, deaths 1863-1929, collections 1869-1897, and misc. newspaper clippings. This is on FamilySearch Film 1404984 Items 1-2. This may document some events related to the Zang and the Zang/Curran families. A copy was ordered on 13 June 2017: it will be sent to the Dallas Public Library.
Zang/Schmitt Emigration

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