If the names Hans Emahus Isackson, Inger Helene Andersdatter, Anton Martin Syversen, Laura Larsdatter, Maren Johanne Krestensdatter, Antone H. Amborn, Martha Leonora Kimball, Simon Schulz or Margaret Zang are in your family tree then this is the page for you!

My father’s parents immigrated to North Dakota from Norway in the early 1900’s. My grandfather’s family was from the Northern coastal town of Nesna, and my grandmother came from Rakkestad, located to the East of Oslo.

My mother’s family arrived from Germany a generation earlier and settled in Lyons, Wisconsin. My research into the Norwegian branch of the family started with copies of letters and documents I got while visiting my Aunt Laura Hanson [Evans] (my fathers sister) and most of what I know about the German side came to me from Bill Zarnstorff, a cousin who has done extensive and exquisitely documented research on that branch of the family. I am deeply grateful for the work they did and for their generosity in sharing it with me.

I am also fortunate to have a wife who shares my passion for genealogy. With her encouragement and support I have been able to spend countless hours on the internet doing research and exchanging email with an ever expanding family. In addition, our concept of a vacation has been transformed forever.

One of the frustrating aspects of genealogy has been trying to find a way to share the discoveries and the joy associated with learning about my past with the rest of my family. The contents of this web page represent my best effort to accomplish that goal. What follows are write-ups describing my journey of discovery, links to my database and references to tools and resources I have found to be especially useful. Enjoy!

Tony Hanson
Dallas, Texas, USA
ah0265 [at] gmail [dot] com